My Home

By Vansh Malhotra

A place where I bury all my hidden sentiments and secrets,
Keep all my precious talents stored like exquisite leaflets,
Where I can give shape to the qualities I possess,
And can relax totally trying positively to fight away all my stress.

A place where I desire to return back each day whenever am away,
Always missing it dearly no matter wherever life takes me on it’s way.
Abundant treasures of memories are stored inside it’s surroundings,
That can never ever be bought with endless money due to anyone’s findings.

A place where I can truly be myself without hesitating,
And I can enjoy doing whatever I want without waiting.
It is not the building or the cement which gives shape to that place,
But the everlasting feelings and emotions that are stored inside it’s space.

That place is a priceless belonging and can never be sold easily,
As no one can just buy my invaluable souvenirs so peacefully.
My soul lives in that place and it’s not so easy to separate it like that,
My delightful home is my heaven of dreams that I always love to pat.

Vansh Malhotra is an amateur poet, who loves poetry. Writing makes him very emotional (at times, even romantic).

I Gaze

By Vansh Malhotra

I gaze up at the stars in the sky and realize,
The distance I have to travel still to get a fruitful surprise.

I gaze down at the ground then and smile with satisfaction,
Seeing the distance I already travelled due to my dedicated action.

I gaze up at the mountains looming high and ponder,
The difficulties one has to pass through and wander.

I gaze down at the blue ocean and smile gleefully,
Sensing the immense happiness of jumping in it joyfully.

I gaze up at my fellow peers leading a luxurious lifestyle,
Feeling extremely jealous to see them partying with smile.

I gaze down finally and witness how there are some fellow beings,
Not even able to access the basic amenities of life and important things.

It depends on one’s perspective on how to view destiny,
Remember that a coin always has two sides to it separately.

Never ever compare your problems and destiny with anyone,
For you may regret later why you even thought of lamenting it to everyone.

Vansh Malhotra is an amateur poet, who loves poetry. Writing makes him very emotional (at times, even romantic).


By Vansh Malhotra

Special angels of God who introduce us to this world,
Bestowing warmth and happiness with their gentle arms curled.

Without their guidance and support we are just lifeless souls,
That would keep wandering around without any definite goals.

We absolutely stand nowhere in this universe till the time they do shape us,
And prepare us to move smoothly with time not missing life’s any bus.

They add life to a human soul diffusing in it endless feelings,
And shaping it’s personality to withstand any terrible hearings.

Like Shakespeare rightly said they have to be cruel to be kind,
So that we can survive in this challenging world with a clear mind.

They equip us with all the resources so that we can live happily,
Tendering us patiently by always being calm and smiling affably.

They are the only ones who can sacrifice anything for your needs,
Watering you precisely to grow up like a farmer waters little seeds.

They will try their best to never let you fail in life and get defeated,
And will be with you all the time no matter how you get treated.

Vansh Malhotra is an amateur poet, who loves poetry. Writing makes him very emotional (at times, even romantic).

Laughter, Infectious

By Vansh Malhotra

Let’s make planet Earth a place where we come laughing, stay laughing and leave laughing.
Where we laugh off all our worries, anxieties, depressions and stresses attacking.
We should just laugh heartily and enjoy the present moment,
Which is in fact life’s most important and essential component.

Laughing is considered such a great remedy and a stress-buster,
It’s the most precious treasure ever gifted of a knowledgeable cluster.
People throughout the world have cured so many illnesses through laughing,
By being in a positive and cheery mood always and keeping their hands clapping.

There are stories of people who have cured cancer and heart diseases,
By simply easing their mind and not allowing themselves to be broken into pieces.
As the popular saying by Ella Wheeler Wilcox goes laugh, and the world laughs with you;
Weep, and you weep alone
while other people will just mock and say ewe.

Laughing is a great boon which Almighty has granted to us humans, only
We can express ourselves by laughing even though we are feeling lonely.
The basic key to remain happy and laughing in life is always,
By making others happy around you in everyway.

Vansh Malhotra is an amateur poet, who loves poetry. Writing makes him very emotional (at times, even romantic).