Unrevealed Silence

By Ramya Kalyan

Under the stars that whine my melancholies,
the frost gives me chills and hope.
Night’s crescent descends down,
brimming and dousing my hollowness with faith,
lightening the door to eternal bliss.
All alone I stand with a smutched silhouette,
loving the mum whispering lullabies in my ears,
saying, “your scars are an identity, and beautiful” …

Ramya Kalyan, from Tamil Nadu, India, calls herself “an ardent tyro at writing.

Winners Announced !

On the first of January we gave you an image as the starting point and you sent us beautiful begettings of your imagination. Of all the sent entries we selected two winners, one from each language — English and Hindi, but before we announce the winners,

We regretfully write that we received no entry from the language category : URDU (Nastaliq). It is saddening indeed, that such a beautiful language, saw no submissions. We, therefore, request to you and urge you to write in Urdu and preserve and propagate this language of love, of respect and politeness.

Now, this said, we announce the winners :

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