I Am Scared Of This World

By Sonika A.

I was standing
Right behind the door
In stark darkness
Hiding from the predators
Looking at me
Like I’m a whore
Being a girl
Seems like a stigma
Monsters living out there
Seeking for that chance
Somehow some innocent soul
Gets entrapped in their plexus
Just to fulfill their hunger
No matter
How her life
Would get changed afterwards
There is no safe place
For her to stay and
To live whole heartedly
I’m scared of this world
Finding a niche
Some dark, some quite
Just for the survival

Sonika A., from India, is a student of biotechnology. She proved herself in various fields – dancing, choreography and event organizing – during her studies, in her campus. She is here with us to set her emotions out.

Little Girl And Her Moon

By Sheebah

I was staring at my books listlessly in the noon,
as I thought of a story about a girl and the moon.

Once upon a time, there lived a young, enthusiastic girl,
who had charming eyes and lovely brown curls.
She was fond of the shape shifting celstial body
and would sing lullabies about its beauty daily.
At nights, she would wait near the wooden door,
hoping that one night it will land on the porch.
She imagined riding it to the chilly North Pole,
thinking about it somehow calmed her soul.
She would often address it as “My Dear Moon”
and for the humanity, she considered it to be a boon.
“Come down to the earth, come play with me,
come pay me a visit, come down to me”.
She watched it change its shape every night
and everytime she would be pleased with its sight.

A few years passed and the girl grew older
Her hopes for the Moon’s visit became fainter.
One night, when she wasn’t waiting anymore
She heard a soft knock on the wooden door.
The beloved Moon had come down to the earth,
to visit the girl who appreciated the reflector’s worth.
“Dear Moon?”, whispered the admirer doubtfully
as the beloved Moon stood on the porch silently.

As I watched the girl walk towards the door
Something started pulling me down on the floor,
As I fell towards the floor and kept falling continuously
I heard some footsteps and then a door creaked slowly
I continued falling down when someone shook my shoulder
“Oh dear! You’re sleeping again”, said my mother
“Dreaming and exploring, Mother”, I said to her,
as I thought about the fate of the Moon and its admirer.

Sheebah is a student of class XI whose hobby is to write poetry.