आँखों में बीती सारी रात

By Shahabia Khan

आँखों में बीती सारी रात हम ना सो पाए
यादों में उनकी हमारी आँखें हरदम रो जाए

आसमाँ में मेहताब को देख उनका तसव्वुर आ जाए
तन्हाई का एहसास तभी दिल को बेचैन कर जाए

ख़ामोशी का पहर वो हिज्र की याद दिला जाए
बेपीर बेदर्द सा बनकर वो रूह को ज़ख्म दे जाए

चार सू हर दफ़ा ब-सबब ज़ेहन में वो ही आ जाए
जिसकी मिली है सज़ा बस इंतेज़ार में ही बीत जाए

हर पहर सोच में गुज़रे की कब चौखट पर वो आ जाए
देख उनको ही बस मेरा दिल फक़त यूँही मेहक जाए

इंतिहा हो गईं आँसुओं की इस ज़ीस्त में अब मेरी ही
हर रोज़ बिन देखें सारी रात ‘शहाबिया’ की यूँही गुज़र जाए

Shahabia Khan tries to express herself through her writings. Her poems have been anthologized in two books.

Unrevealed Silence

By Ramya Kalyan

Under the stars that whine my melancholies,
the frost gives me chills and hope.
Night’s crescent descends down,
brimming and dousing my hollowness with faith,
lightening the door to eternal bliss.
All alone I stand with a smutched silhouette,
loving the mum whispering lullabies in my ears,
saying, “your scars are an identity, and beautiful” …

Ramya Kalyan, from Tamil Nadu, India, calls herself “an ardent tyro at writing.

Little Girl And Her Moon

By Sheebah

I was staring at my books listlessly in the noon,
as I thought of a story about a girl and the moon.

Once upon a time, there lived a young, enthusiastic girl,
who had charming eyes and lovely brown curls.
She was fond of the shape shifting celstial body
and would sing lullabies about its beauty daily.
At nights, she would wait near the wooden door,
hoping that one night it will land on the porch.
She imagined riding it to the chilly North Pole,
thinking about it somehow calmed her soul.
She would often address it as “My Dear Moon”
and for the humanity, she considered it to be a boon.
“Come down to the earth, come play with me,
come pay me a visit, come down to me”.
She watched it change its shape every night
and everytime she would be pleased with its sight.

A few years passed and the girl grew older
Her hopes for the Moon’s visit became fainter.
One night, when she wasn’t waiting anymore
She heard a soft knock on the wooden door.
The beloved Moon had come down to the earth,
to visit the girl who appreciated the reflector’s worth.
“Dear Moon?”, whispered the admirer doubtfully
as the beloved Moon stood on the porch silently.

As I watched the girl walk towards the door
Something started pulling me down on the floor,
As I fell towards the floor and kept falling continuously
I heard some footsteps and then a door creaked slowly
I continued falling down when someone shook my shoulder
“Oh dear! You’re sleeping again”, said my mother
“Dreaming and exploring, Mother”, I said to her,
as I thought about the fate of the Moon and its admirer.

Sheebah is a student of class XI whose hobby is to write poetry.

The Wet

By Wani Hadii

Looking like pearl on flower petal top
Falls the rain drop by drop
Soothing and slow is the falling rain
Falling on mountains and on plain
On the greenery when it goes down
Plummeting and alluring seems the uptown
Dropping down on dusty thoroughfare
Removing its dust by making it clear
Loving to play in this slow falling rain
Lessening my pain and deadly strain
On this rainy day my sister made a boat
Keeping that on water and making it float
Jovial the sight when falling from the cloud
Thundering along to make it sound loud
Truly said that bundle of our sin
Prevents rain from falling in

Wani Hadii is a lover of poetry who likes to write on nature.
Instagram handle : @landofpoems13

The Lit Sky

By Khushi Singh

Sitting under the lit sky
While holding my weak hand,
Your eyes shined with protracted rays
Of enlivened spirits,
Trying to vanquish
My pesky soul.

You stroked your hand
In my labyrinth of malignant thoughts.
Untangling each situation,
With love and care.

Hearsays didn’t matter to you,
As you knew my story which was the least popular— The Truth
You faced the fusillade of questions,
As a forthright ally while matching your steps
With mine during the dark nights.

You bore my pain as yours,
With a great fortitude
Fighting the ephemeral battles,
With the faulty souls.

Sitting under the lit sky,
While holding my weak hand.
We promised ourselves,
To stay by each others’ sides
Till infinity.

Khushi Singh, a high-school student, is a reader by day and writer by the night, who tells story through poetry.


By Wani Hadii

Is it a bit good or a bit bad? it’s very confusing
Oh yeah! It’s name is life about which I am talking,
A word with several different meanings
It is full of unusual feelings
It sometimes makes us jovial and sometimes upset
Whatever it gives us by love we should accept
Always offering us challenges to face
We should be brave in every tough case
Sometimes it is jovial, cool and fun
But anytime it could be among them none
Giving hardships to scrutinise our patience
Or else daring to check our tolerance
Why sometimes it becomes so difficult and boring
And suddenly it turns much easy and alluring
Somebody wants to change it and other wants to savour
Somebody wants to live it and other wants to end it here
Should I compare it with flowers that bloom and wither away
Or else with charming birds that glide in the air and play
Whether to compare it with time that once gone is never back
Or else with piano, jubilation as white and tribulation as black
We know it is not going to last for long
So why to end it instead of enjoying
Almighty Allah bestowed us with it
So it must be a beautiful and precious gift

Wani Hadii is a lover of poetry who likes to write on nature.
Instagram handle : @landofpoems13

کہنے کو تو سب کہتے ہیں

By Tayyaba Haroon

کہنے کو تو سب کہتے ہیں
مگر مانتا کون ہے
دنگے فصاد کرنا فضول ہے
مگر مانتا کون ہے

لرتے ہیں جھگڑتے ہیں تنہا رستوں پر بھٹکتے ہیں
اپنی عزت کو کر رُسوا اوروں کو ترغیب کرتے ہیں
وہی آخر
مگر مانتا کون ہے

اخلاق کی بلندی خوبصورتی سے افضل ہے
پھر بھی فطرت سے لاچار ہیں
نا کی قردار کا مہذ حسیں دکھنے کا سدھار کرتے ہیں
کہنے کو تو سب کہتے ہیں
مگر مانتا کون ہے

حق کی علامت ایماں داری سے پروان پہنچتی ہے
سمجھتے ہیں سمجھتے ہیں
مگر سہولت خاطر مختصر رستا ڈھونڈ لیتے ہیں
اپنے ھقیوق بھول کر باطل کا رستہ کر منتخب
کیوں خد کو اعلیٰ و افضل سمجھتے ہیں
آخر وہی
کہنے کو تو سب کہتے ہیں
مگر مانتا کون ہے

Tayyaba Haroon lives by the rule, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Laughter, Infectious

By Vansh Malhotra

Let’s make planet Earth a place where we come laughing, stay laughing and leave laughing.
Where we laugh off all our worries, anxieties, depressions and stresses attacking.
We should just laugh heartily and enjoy the present moment,
Which is in fact life’s most important and essential component.

Laughing is considered such a great remedy and a stress-buster,
It’s the most precious treasure ever gifted of a knowledgeable cluster.
People throughout the world have cured so many illnesses through laughing,
By being in a positive and cheery mood always and keeping their hands clapping.

There are stories of people who have cured cancer and heart diseases,
By simply easing their mind and not allowing themselves to be broken into pieces.
As the popular saying by Ella Wheeler Wilcox goes laugh, and the world laughs with you;
Weep, and you weep alone
while other people will just mock and say ewe.

Laughing is a great boon which Almighty has granted to us humans, only
We can express ourselves by laughing even though we are feeling lonely.
The basic key to remain happy and laughing in life is always,
By making others happy around you in everyway.

Vansh Malhotra is an amateur poet, who loves poetry. Writing makes him very emotional (at times, even romantic).


By Urwah Rafiq

The subfusc wintery morning
N that lazy morning wind
Caressing my messed up hair
Making me feel sleepy again
Nd my wishes that are frozen
Hanging on the gloomy walls of heart
Like the wind bells on the cracked wall
Making noise to wake me up from my dreamy world
Peeping thru window I saw all the ways
Draped in the blanket of despondency
Like the fog where nothing seems visible
Nd sun is on holiday today… no ray of hope coming from anywhere
All of a sudden my heart received a message from skies
“this too shall pass
come let’s meet on the east side,
a place where sun never sets
my beloved”

Urwah Rafiq loves to write poetry, which she believes is the only healer.


By Shireen

She conquered Sorrow
Trampled Negativity
Speared Arrogance
Split open Pride
Killed Prejudice
She filled their wake
With joy,
Kindness, humility
Positivity, cheer
And whole lot of
Hate sulked in
the corner
He had lost the battle to love!
What a conqueror she was!
Had anyone ever left a battlefield in a cheerful wake?

Shireen, an educator, blogger, a nature and yoga enthusiast, enjoys the flow of her thoughts on paper.


By Urwah Rafiq

I am still alive
Alive in ua poetry
In those metaphors n similes u adore ua poem with
In those sonnets which carry an ocean of emotions
On those creamy pages of diary which u left empty
In those words which u couldn’t pen down
In that full stop where u wished to write more but couldn’t
In those coffee stains n raining evenings
In every beam of light which don’t let u sleep in morning
In every rain drop that touches ua face
In the very fragrance which u smell …
Yeah I am alive in you and in ua memories too

Urwah Rafiq loves to write poetry, which she believes is the only healer.

The Wait

By Khushi Singh

The door to the heart
Is still left ajar,
In the hope that there will be shine,
In the dark skies.

The never-ending nights,
Are still sleepless.
Hoping for lullabies,
From an altruistic soul.
To get a sound nap,
Far away from the crestfallen world.

The beat inside is still barricaded,
From the mesmerising rhythm.
Trying to barge,
The poignant past.

The boulevards are still lifeless,
Waiting for a wayfarer.
To solve the labyrinth,
Of the pesky journey.

The stars in the great dark sky are still waiting,
For an enlivened energy.
To fathom them,
Into constellations.

Khushi Singh, a high-school student, is a reader by day and writer by the night, who tells story through poetry.

Writing Speaks

By Areeba Hassan

Expired feelings, Broken Hearts
Loners, 3am thinkers
Call me and my companion
Inorder to heal, inorder to stitch
Inorder to rejuvenate back to pieces.

I am
What humans can’t express
To the whole world,
For the fear of getting judged
As mess.

Millions of untold emotions
Millions of secrets
Millions of hidden scars,
Hidden in each part of
My inner institution.

If you go deep inside me
You will get to know who actually I am,
If you feel me to the depth
You will get to know what am I
Thriving to say.
If you let me speak without any hesitation
You will get to know
Even I have a heart.

I am a multi tasker.
Sometimes I fix relations
By positive emissions,
Sometimes I break people apart
By providing a reality check,
I am the one who gives shelter
To broken and crushed hearts.

I can be either your home to dwell
Or a large sea to swim in,
I can either be your alcohol
To make you my addict
Or the medicine to heal your
Feverish suicidal thoughts.
I can be your everlasting love
To love you without any conditions,

But it all depends on the
Intensity of emotions.
Yet I can assure you that
I am someone whom you can trust with
Full core of your heart.
Unlike humans, I never fake.

But one day I will surely scream
To the whole world,
What I failed to say
Through my everlasting love
Through my companion Writer.

Areeba Hassan, from Bihar, India, is doing graduation from Apachia Institute, Kuwait.

Zenith Life

By Wani Hadii

Let the lightning bash your berm.
You should know that after every lightning
The sky appers blue again.
Let the gaint stone halt your way.
You should know that the stone
Can be moved with your potential and diligence.
Let the thorn stick make your feet bleed.
You should know that the thorn plant
Is the one that produces the most alluring flower.
Let the rain make you wintry.
You should know that after every rain
There is a splendid morning once more.
Let the heat of the sun blaze your skin.
You should know that rain
Makes everything cool even the hot sun.
Let the darkness come in your way.
You should know that the murk of night
Doesn’t last forever.
Let the whole world make you defeatist. Never ever pay heed to them
Because you should know no hardwork
Ever makes a person looser.

Wani Hadii is a lover of poetry who likes to write on nature.
Instagram handle : @landofpoems13

That Horribe Night

By Shah Bisma Manzoor

That terrible night when the rain drops
struck against the silence inside my nest.
The ivy that stood up against my window,
running in race of reaching to the terrace,
too witnessed the flames on that night,
too strong they were to be put off by the gushing rain.
My heart, the size of my fist
carries tons of pains and wails
tied strongly to the chambers within.
Tears streaming from my eyes like
springs erupting from the earth’s bosom.
The crimsoned paths to my past
twist my mind and traumatise my thoughts.
That night — the horrible moment — still haunts
the dismal rooms of my emotions.
I sense the grip of that beastly figure
around her neck to kill her for his good.
Wonderingly, my nerves gain strength
I no longer scream or cry when I visualise
the terrible clutches of the oppression.
I speak up with all my might
For I am done being timid and coward.
The smiles, the laughter, the joys and merriment
All went up in flames with the first stroke of sun.
That blossomed ivy,the fruit laden vine
the morning glory once in full bloom and smile
too got buried down deep inside the earth.
I could see the vipers in claok of beasts
searching for that innocent in every nook and corner.
He was there — a slave of lust, a captive of satan
Alas! to quench his thirst,he ripped off the innocence.
That rainy night, everything was ablaze.
The sleeping birds cried laments rather than melodies.
The shining stars too were in mourning.
Sun too didnt shine to greet the day.
That terrible night plundered the wealth of an innocent.

That terrible night…

Shah Bisma Manzoor, from Jammu and Kashmir, India, a master in English Literature, works as a Vice Principal of a higher secondary.