Bleakful Era

By Tayyaba Haroon

Qualm and quail like sitting in a jail,
Fearing in even, communicating through the mail,
Deaths, piling up like prisoners without bail.

Unconsciousness spreading through every guy,
Each one is acting like a qualified spy,
Searching information to save their cutie pie.

Have you ever noticed?
It’s always the karma of our madly deepened fever,
Breaking the tie of man and nature.
Disturbing the nature through intimidating terror.

Fervid to have the entire control,
Runs despondency over all.
Cutting the trees, changing the breeze, set for others shelter’s seize,
All this vileness leading to whole world’s seal.

The reason behind the mass destruction,
Greedy for the power to rule all over,
Forgetting even the base moral instructions,
Leaves us not even to make our beloved,
Ready with the funeral cover.

Tayyaba Haroon lives by the rule, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

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